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  Regular Season - Section 1
Youíll visit the foundation of Alex Jordanís vision Ė the architecture and magnificent structures of the Original House and the Gate House. It was here that the early portion of Jordanís dreams took root.This initial retreat served as the place where he could ponder, draw inspiration and plan for sights and sounds even more awe-inspiring than the House itself.

Section 1 includes The Gate House, the Original House and The Infinity Room. You begin your self-guided section in the Gate House which serves as an entryway to the main house, and the interior sets the tone for the rest of the House. A magnificent fireplace and dramatic stone walls dominate throughout, as does the Gate House Ensemble, a music machine that replicates a complete chamber orchestra.

You'll then step inside the Original House, where all 13 rooms are all linked by common elements and moods; from stained glass for a nighttime ambience to the warmth and serenity of the sandstone hearth.

You'll end your tour in The Infinity Room, the 14th and final room of the House. Completed in 1985, it is an engineering marvel as it extends 218 feet out over the scenic valley and 156 feet above the forest floor. The Infinity Room has 3,264 windows for walls that treat guests to a truly spectacular view.

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